On Shakespeare's Cliff

The sea is calm here this evening

Tonight, the moon tide lays fair,
Across the straits, along the french line
The Coast light Gleams,
One rotation then it is gone,

Playing off the cliffs
Glimmering and vast, the silver beam
Moving and pointing a way I already know
I know it so well I could fly it alone, without you
If I wanted to...

 But I wait for that sound in the wind,

The one that tells me everything about you,
The one that tells me you are ok, and
Hints of your ability, strength and your dream

I watched you as you walked,
Across the tarmac to me at the fence line,
While removing the Flight Helmet,
To lay aside your dream for me for this time,

Now in a day, I am just grateful of any time I am given
You see I finally made peace with that bloody light,
and the feeling of your arms returning to me,
for at-least one more day...

and I will take it.


written by Daniella Nikolayeva ; Posted 1/15/2020

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I applaud your compassion and

I applaud your compassion and expressed respect for those who are serving and those who love them and miss their presence.


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They do not have the better

They do not have the better planes now like they did here, not like the USA, but they really soldier on anyway. This was for a D-Day poem I wrote.

Daniella Nikolayeva