Ghosting through the shower door



With drops cascading,
two fogged filled Semblances, appear
In the steamy mirrored mien

as the wild wet glassed complexion's,
Fill the steam soaked mirror,
Opposite the glass door, across the room

their physiognomy of appearance,
Only Hints at the abstract entity's,
Joining in the passion play

Locking together In the wet morning maze,
It is an abundant flow; an outpouring of,
Deep touches and feelings, that are

Rising- Searing; covering the door
In a blanket of steam,
Draped around them

Pressing hard against the glass wall...

~ written by Daniella Nikolayeva, Posted 1/14/2020

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Dove's picture

Oh you captured one of my

Oh you captured one of my fondest

moments both in words and photo!

Very nice!

©️Dove 2020

dannigirl933's picture

thank you Dove so very much.

thank you Dove so very much. dannigirl933 :)

Daniella Nikolayeva

Starward's picture

Another beautiful poem about

Another beautiful poem about sensual passion . . .


dannigirl933's picture

just writing to my romatic

just writing to my romatic side once in awhile for fun.

Daniella Nikolayeva