You remain untitled, in My notebook of unfinished dreams...

meddling fingers sliding along with each palm,
forcing me as they pivot and twist     
my nipples erect- hardened         
my eyes wide shut,
as the water topples playful,         
and my mind is fixed on express clarity- vividly
exchanging emeralds for cleaner diamonds         

the overpowering sensuous feeling's,
walk my anatomy throughout the lingering heat,
it is as if I am built upon a building arch,
that is now collapsing,
as my fingers touch each curve and fold, falling in         
uncontrollable flames- slowing, following each eruption         

I am moving in-between the cotton layers,
restless, useless and breathless,
as the diamond clarity, is
shattering into fragments in this darkness,
making my insufficient completion conclusive,

my dream vacates me in annoyance         
and the soft warm water makes no vision of it re-achievable         

my intense arching is subsiding,
all subtle movements and sound are leaving me,
slowing in diminishing pleasure- somehow,       
I can still taste the familiar body scent of the musk,
mixing my perfume filtering through this pillow   

somewhere and somehow in this dark room...       
I know this feral touch?   
but this coming down, this leaving
is teaching me of the delicacy and the prettiness,
that I once found in my dreams of you,
are really just my nightmares... 

Written by Daniella Nikolayeva; posted 1/12/2020

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I juat had to read this

I juat had to read this again, although its extreme verbal intensity nearly wears me out.


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I think this is the most

I think this is the most intense poem you have posted.  Highly erotic without being crude, and candid about desire without relying upon cliche.  This poem is the centerpiece of your current collection.


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wow, thank you so much. made

wow, thank you so much. made my afternoon reading this. you are to kind.  dannigirl933

Daniella Nikolayeva