Listening to my All Night Radio

our clearest music is that- that has been written                 

to be flung across star-hung nights,
passionate in the arms of Morpheus.                                 
your eyes close in sweet hypnotic floating,
as our fingers slowly suspend to touch motionlessly,                                 

in sleep- roaming, each soft and tender touch,
is completing me with gloaming satisfaction.                               

must I sleep so long a time without you?                                 
must I awake without your arms- without a sound?                               

in the window, Cotton ladders float                             
on song lines as shadow trees sway,
mimicking movements curious,
lengthening a  flickering candle Frisco across the tabletop,
where a barking Dog sleeps.                               

the cotton ladders flip and spin about
secret musical notes,  in dissolving
frequencies, as they share in the rising and falling,
twirling in the open window.                                 

our hands sleepily breaching,
they meddle in genital play,
deepening the feeling of each stolen,
silken and skimming glide.                               

I recuse myself of all,
excused of such flawed partiality,
like my preference to sleep- and,                       
I immerse myself deeper inside of you.     

as your spooning arms wrap the psychedelic cup,
of shared moonbeams about me,                             
once again my mind refuses,                     
the abrupt rudeness of the sleep,                                               

and I hold my dreams still,
as I lay with you, sensing,
softly listening to your all Night Radio...

written by Daniella Nikolayeva ; posted 01/11/2020

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Cascade's picture

This is soft and dreamy and

This is soft and dreamy and filled with a goregous sensual atmosphere.  Beautiful!

dannigirl933's picture

thank you os much Casvade,

thank you os much Casvade, very appreciated from me,  dannigirl933

Daniella Nikolayeva

Starward's picture

Your love poems never fail to

Your love poems never fail to amaze me.


dannigirl933's picture

thank you Starward, apprecite

thank you Starward, apprecite the reads.  dannigirl933

Daniella Nikolayeva