The Girl in the Hedgerow



in between branched,
and breathing verses,
where wood fibers are felted together
feeling, without any
emotional gathering to shadow
her reflection
accenting each onyx feature,
along her tight  "ebaine" body
the speechless eyes forsaking all verse
alone...this girl X,
harboring her cryptic thoughts...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Photo; bd6bc8891177cd6167c227ce3386a7ba

Meaning of ebaine; from Old French words= ebony

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Welcome to Postpoems


Excellent write. If you have Instagram, here is my poetry page there:

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thank you for the read, and i

thank you for the read, and i will go and take a look, I do not have instagram will will try to view it. dannigirl32

Daniella Nikolayeva

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All my poetry is on here on Postpoems. Most of it is very dark.