Painting Rain Drops, in London Morning Traffic

the mornings soft sun,
filters through nothing in grey,
just the clouds in a purple blush,
with a wash of pastel pinks leaning over

the water is glowing,
a shimmering mundane,
but my mind is still in thoughts of spring and summer,
and happier days still here

this city is high fashion on a budget,
each drop capturing the rain from their own angle.
with watercolor stains on anything being touched,
still the painted vibrancy is not silvery clear

the curbed and pooling splashes
making a polite mark in the foot traffic,
but its voice is the texture of heavy-duty paper
Still something about it seems littered in floral

the city is still too industrial for that to make sense,
as the rain breathes in and out,
but, I hear the putter-patter,
of all the watercolor sounds

as the sweet rain paints for me a downtown known...

@ dannigirl933
~By Daniella Nikolayeva; posted 1/11/202

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The poem is so intense, it is

The poem is so intense, it is like being right there.


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I do that some times, I have

I do that some times, I have a small notebook I keep with me in London and write notes on things I see sometimes while on the buss or the Tube ("train"). especially downtown. I love it here. many do not, but I do.  Dannigirl933

Daniella Nikolayeva

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ah, a lovely stroll through

ah, a lovely stroll through old London town.

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why thank you good person. It

why thank you good person. It is so appreciated. your commement made me smile. dannigirl933

Daniella Nikolayeva