Westward Wondering


(A Collaboration Piece)

Our image in the current speaks, moving
in our souls
waves crash, breaking old holds over rugged shores,
where granite rocks are worn
by torrential impulses, as the gentle moon slides
slowly beneath grinding thoughts

smooth shorn stones, form our shapes in
the currents flow
bringing us on the Atlantic’s great swooning
bands of undulating winds
waving across time, the
space fills with precious memories,
streaming across unreckoned miles.

floating fearlessly wild, free, between,
and in between us
in between each touch
no messages are sent in bottles, we understand about
hope pearls Love and Life’s hand

the smell of the sea fills us with life
the azure blue,
born of our words that sail us
to in the inner side of our souls
where we live
and breathe each breath and touch together..

~Written by Irish Rosee with Dannigirl933, in collaboration 1/11/2020