Of Keats, from a woman who never knew him

 a companion piece;

I ramble this day in your happier fields,
Where skylarks shake the tremulous dew
to walk beside my adventurous Kight,
taking-up the dinted shields of prose,
to taste the sweetest flower, wild
In the lush clover cover, when new
the sweets of you upon summer winds,
written from the hand of Titania, you offered me the best Rose,
when you came to me and your deliciousness was spilled,
and I heard your soft-voiced offering,
as we held each other in a whisper of truth,
in loves sonnet unquelled...

© a year ago, Daniella Nikolayeva   
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Words used from the Poem;"To a Friend who sent me some Roses"

John Keats, The Complete Poems;
Penguin Books; Third Edition. Soft Backed eddition

A favoirate Author sense University; Danni

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