Under a Moonlight Lenz





It stands

Over all governess
A view, sealed in boundaries of fresh foggy dew 
I am trying to make a friend of it,
This dear alien presence 

In my day, quietly,
the Moon madness hides me 
I have no might, 
So, I push for lunar night,
To be on the shoulder of my beloved 

I never ask it, "Whose will, is it to be?" 

I already know what my lips will say 
And any hugs I want, I ask for
But, they feel so rude in the daytime
Because In the day my arms fit me funnier 

In the Sun, a promise made in demon heat 
Is proudest when ready with a lying smile 

But at Night?
Oh, It is Darling,

When not so far away,

The Crescent stands on my roof... 

Written by danigirl933

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