Lip Bounce


Kiss me once
The fantasy plays in the background
turning to put my glass down and watch her
across this table, the eye contact
in this pub full of woman
is nothing more than a dream
it’s not for anyone to know how
the dream perfumes in my thoughts of her

I think of her in paradise
as our hands wait to find each other
in some collected memory
bathing on some beach with
wings that let us fly with our flesh
anxious to smell the after sex
in my hair when awaken

hopeful for the conversation
and the feel of that tender slide
that dry, electric, salty taste
that follows with a sweet, playful nip
and the soft nose nuzzle that says yes...


@Daniella Nikolayeva   


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Beautiful love poem.

Beautiful love poem.


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:)   you are too kind, thank

:)   you are too kind, thank you.  Daniella

Daniella Nikolayeva

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My pleasure!

My pleasure!