a literary masters creation from the heart

the creation, caricaturing on the wheel of time

traditionally, a chorus of solo wind dancers swirling


in the dance of parodies of colorings

these pastiches of serious dramatic classical work

with feathery fans that reveal then uncover


mundane greens now adorn and join

in vivid oranges, dark reds and browns

in the season of the tiny dancer


in branched ridicule or mockery

the theater comes alive, an art form

of Performers combining movements


in the most explosive aspects of costumery dance

it is a most alluring and pleasuring strip-tease

with a soft comedic interlude to a coming ending


as the coloring relieves the historical tensions

like nineteenth-century vaudeville, in a play

that is revealed, then left to bare branch


it's the "burla," to joke or ridicule of the coming winter...




~ dannigirl933

@Daniella Nikolayeva 

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