Walking Home in a Silk Dress in the Rain

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I love movies that start out in the rain

watching as it braids a downtown office windowpane
the kind of rain that
darkens a hung-out dress
streaming past an upturned face

where the opening scene apply dresses each stiletto click
mirroring in the beginning watery reflections
as a woman quickly walks the cross-way
at Kings Cross at Russell Square

passing thunderous traffic- double deckers
and prosaically named red Kiosks
still standing pleasantly -still
all well past the fashion sense
of George's Silver Jubilee

either bad or overlong- the scene un-dresses quickly
but still a movie-header such as this can do no wrong

even when the trite twang of rain shows through
as the production boom dips into view
and her accent begins to betray her
adaptation of from- the rain soaked dress in play...

She thinks to when the late afternoon scene opened
cold, but with no rain along the downtown starlit gutter
that now is running gold on the pavement at the corner
as she passes under the neon drugstore sign

the scene following the unbloused raincoat
quickly down the street to the front stoop and walk-up
where she forgets the ink, the milk, the blood – the groceries
the memory of it all washed clean
under a matted hung out silk dress

as she steps into the stairwell opening

passing the buzzer, in to the front door
that is now moving, opening
just wanting to fall into the arms of one waiting 
far from the fallen rain’s own sons and daughters

where a day of it  does not matter anymore...

@Daniella Nikolayeva

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I am glad you like this.

I am glad you like this. Thank you.  Dannigirl933

Daniella Nikolayeva