Mister Mason



1 Tis now Mr. Mason's time to grow. Whatsoever shall he show the world. Glowing clean greenery and a sheen of almighty resurrection for me. Cool, another avocado's livelihood cracks with power to be loveliest little plant.


2 Mister Mason is not stagnant like I had thought; perhaps just a little shy. Now there is finally growth which is the taproots really booming within the seed. The small white sprout still stays hid in placeprobably  awaiting a promising source from the roots as a means to feed any bigger blossom. 


3 The roots are true, and white. Nothing is happening with the white shoot, which still waits in the seed. Drink, ye tree! Aught you know to flaunt what's already proving worthiness in that little glass brimming water. How many things to be real, as absorbing the world might grant bright green, I hope: sparkling hue like the predecessors. 


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