O Phenomenon



And though we are guiding ourselves

Whilst recognizing the guide is not us alone

It is ever always only in a moment and

The moment is ever always only present

But as we really delve deep to these things

The moment becoming spiritually whole

Yet we have the significant flowing nature

Of an already ubiquitously frequenting flow

Witness to certain energetic phenomenon

That feeds itself cherishing the living bread

Breathe because the vessel of an infinity

Pleads the boundless passionate dreams

Only to know that forever is ultimately now

Knowing itself redeeming the lost garden

The lost and last ecstatic garden of ether

Born to realization but foggy through time

The guidance of innumerable angels rhyme

Existence but always perilous perception

Lest brooding purity becomes knowing self

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Angels rhyming - neato image

Existential and sacred profanely articulated. Full of light and floating. Encore. Keep writing to us :D. ~S~



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Honored, our Queen. But

I don't know if I've yet found 

A poetical flow for myself.

I try and try, hardly satisfied