Thinking Ocean



Time to think about ocean, learning

To contrive ourselves only seems to LA

Spoil the salty surf. Swim upon an isle

Of unfortunate waste, misleading brains

And why does the tree wither away, all

Unknown, like our innocence from O youth?

There be no truth that can save a captain

From melting candles, his own melting soul.

Work, for what I ask, never goes away

As if poetry doesn't give enough

Light of day. We are condemned to this thing

Called unconscious and willing slavery.

Grant us, O Lord, not to worry today

About tomorrow. Grant us, O Lord, a

Casting of divine grace, but tossing LA

Our fears and troubles into the abyss

Of wretchedness, fallacious behavior.

Twinge reality to easy spectrum.


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Poetry does not give enough

U still have to make a living. -S-



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The Café Comas

What about a novelist? 

Speaking of which, I've been finally writing more to my story today.

I did two pages thus far. I'd love to know your thoughts, if you want