Sublime Power



The sun beams brightly now.

Out of doors all sounds resound;

Not a wall to cease the shrill

Of many a barking, yelping pup.

Until tomorrow comes

Shall I languish impatiently

My practice of whichsoever psalm.

The ceremonial truth

Loves these waking hours,

Malajust meanderings–

The mind hath sublime power.


At what delight I do

Dread the selfsame head.

Emotional glue in stead

Of everything.

At what firght I do

Think about a future

Howsoever near, howsoever dear.

The red rose I clutch

Harmonizes no enticement

But tragic act She prevails.

Keep me til the newest sun

Gives light in all the spirt.

Keep me til the only one–

Sweetheart sweetheart–

Cradles the invisible

With lovely arms.


There's no real need

To be doing something,

To be doing nothing particular.

But alas! what you dream

Only ev'ry moment doth wean

Nonchalant business, uncaring

Ashroud of the heavenly.

A plume of smoke vanishes

Just as fast

As it was created.

The greatest architecture falls

So we scribble its portrait

Of rubble.


How many glimmering rivers

Faintly are forlorn

To themselves.

The shore always baptizes

The reflection

With colors of dirt,

Sand, and all foliage;

And creatures like man

Swim through everlasting bath




A bed to sleep in,

A bed to awake in,

And a mug of coffee in the morning–

The daily libation–

A body to breathe, to stretch

And a mind to test.


Do we truly dwell

For eachother?

Do we enough compel the love

Blooming about?

Swallow the jewel of life

And look inside

That our souls might sparkle

As they were meant.



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