A Mango Tucan



Exalted in utter simplicity sows; but being bored, nailed to vacuums as the body withers for uncertainty, uncertainly insignificant motioning the freyed fabric and soft grasps brushing walls with static betwixt fingertips; and weak prevailing a walk for the mangos- O vivid thither dangling in the green trees. A few steps farther before dissolving dreams react spontaneously and always familiar through fair breeze of moonlit oceanic reverie upon the shore of the feathered grassland, and those ancient crystal waves crashing the sand. Climb the tree like a starving monkey and pluck the choicest ripe fruit from another loop of time as the tucan is perched to speak with its big beak. Hallucinating miracles withersoever life dwells. Hallucinating miracles forever fretting a frenzy relax.

Lame legs only dainty upon the path. Lame brain only bethinking collapse. Hands clutch a wily stave for the gaunt man wrapped in beautiful shawl for grace. Even so this howling landscape, this howling feebleness trudges past all the caves and wasteful work. Multitudes meditate the dim night away with flickering candles and incense variously whispering or wailing prayers in divine grief chasing the procession for perception that's already lost- already lost soon as we were born. We're the heirlooms of creation.


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Thoughts are clouds in the

Thoughts are clouds in the open sky of pure awareness.

We are sky-bourne condensation...rather busy in the stillness of it all.

"Exalted in utter simplicity", dressed like a king, no?  You are poetically amused and uniquely stylish in your expression. bravo!

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The Heart Works. Thanks

The heart works, evermore so

As the anchor of undulating reality

Breathes beauty forthcoming

After and through the old chills 

Of ignorance. Let's enlighten the speck,

The cloud's clarity

With warm brilliance of bedazzling sun

In this famine of insane intricacy. 

Should it really be so intricate to be?