Chance to Dance



The onslaught of time is

The waking hours of the day

There is never any rest and

Once we can sleep we are ashamed

Wasted time weakens life and

Our chance to dance is always distant passing

Would we really rather relax

Else wonder at working presence

Else gently stroking own strong skin

Else vibrating all the rhyme

The practices we commit, but

For what reason shall we sit

Pontificating knowledge, stoking

A flame only percievable through fasting

Who cares to ponder the grave

We pass through our time with diving puffs

Distracting whether or not bethinking bluff

Merry seasons change

Ask yourself are you still the same

The courtyard beckons meditation

Bring to it a pillow and breathe

Is that ever enough

Whilst ignorant of what action achieves

The truth of stillness

The faith

The absolution of you


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