Redeem or Not



These are the thoughts of a man.

     Do you know the afterlife: whether, according to Buddhism and Samsara, we are doomed essentially in this world through the process of reincarnation and that if and when we blossom into man again we need spiritual work and revelation in order to enter Heaven? If our body dies then there are still the living cells which go– the cells that we are made of. So wouldn't it mean that once our matter as a complete entity withers that it scatters to new and different life, like a tree perhaps or even only dust or sand?

     I watched a movie once that dealt with the soul actually leaving the body, having died, and finding the opportunity to manifest itself in the world again,. Perhaps the breath of life leaves the dead and recomposes irself, reforms as it is given the chance. I don't know about you but I'm well aware of the spiritual ether. My thesis is this: Resist the temptation to revisist Earth; don't manifest, but dissolve knowledge. Although in the Bible it says like your seed will be as the dust and sand of the earth. Now that gives me the further speculation that we, as dust and sand we might become, need to learn, and practice God's will for us in Earth. Maybe true Heaven needs nothing more than a litle patience and that our promiseland is the perfection of ourselves even in the world bestowing everything God. Perhaps though, once accepted into Heaven, our seed has its own responsibilities and it is no longer a part of us.


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