The entire fruit farm is dying, because we loathe the creation. The entire fruit farm of the world is dying. Let us pray now for longevity of the original mind. Let us not succumb to these artificial ways that strive something other than life how life should be. Just like living in some shuttle we will always make many errors for we are treading to the unkown. Metal and waste, metal and waste. Don't chase the dead cries of having no peace with the way we're meant in these lives. In the first days of Man the prophets thrived until nine hundred years of age. There's a fear of nature and people are insane as if upon a stage and not having any script. Buzzed with fantasy or devoid of that, lying seemingly becomes what is truth nowadays, misled.


     Les us throw our flexibly metallic, oval boomerang that has spines thus making it a weapon. Let us throw our flashing power to pluck an odd creature from being, and slay it just dissolving the essence. These things breed and change colors, these things will sneak up on you and inhabit you through any orifice like parasites. Don't let am close, because they jump and also have opaque veiny wings that flutter uncertain sparkles all over you. Demise, this disease needs our weapons our boomerangs to end them.

     "C'mon kid," the warrior called. He was dressend in black cloth and the only thing still enough on this landscape to calm someone like. He held a scythe and his cloak was over his feet so it seemed he would float. "Don't I look like death?"

     Well, it was a bit paralysing enough when ye don't look at him. Everything else was this mishape and terrible fluctuating coloration. The head throbbed even though nothing really harmful was happening. The mind just did throb so.

     "Why does my head hurt, Master?" The kid said.

     "It's the way life works nowadays. Just focus on my as much you can. Nothing else matters you hear?" the one in the cloak said.


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Ancient Math

900 years, Methuselah syndrome - bad interpretation if life span from the Hebrew text most like. A typo. Still, this scope is new and welcome to read. Congrats. Your world view emerges - "people are insane..." Really? That is so neato. :D ~Lady A~




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Maybe Maybe Not


I'd believe we were made to live 900 years. The thing is, I think about trees that are anciently old and that maybe we are actually the fruit called humans & we are meant in doing the will of being still and living long and fruitful. O, it's like we're making ourselves to be aliens as the future comes close: systematicly ignorant dressed in odd fashion and forever decieved and therefore decieving eachother.