Jazz Luncheon



The frost upon the cobblestone walls, melts

My skin from sleet and hail, full of welts

Anyways we take a taxi toward the luncheon

Dressed in long sleeves plus fancy suit

"How do you do, beloved? Feeling better then?"

I really do believe she is the only truth.

Through silence I watched lizards drinking

Cold water that drips down the grey buildings

And wonder what good gathering, thinking

About maybe giving the lady a ring while the jazz sings

The jazz of a melancholy dim afternoon

Cool enough to breathe cold air like smoke

And take sidewalk strolls to simple resturaunts

Holding her hand, those are all I need

It began raining, people outside with umbrellas

Walked fast back to their dwelling and thoughts

The weeds of the park we stopped at sagged

By the pitter-pattering winter. "A tent 

For a gathering, even in this weather?" says I

Well we know the old cemetery is nearby. They

Dug up dead children, drained their blood, and 

Drank it after a prayer for longevity.

O fountain of youth. What wine I never did sign.


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