Cloud Sculpture



Watch me cradle a vortex of small rain

The tornado whirlpool is in my hands and whispers

Washing like a laundry machine, my heart its guide

Sermon to my mind: What do you want?

Because if you become part of this water essence

Nothing will take time, nothing but ye shall beat

Chimney of the sky seeks best horizon

No limitation to dessilve the cries in the flesh

Nothing succumbs but our thunder itself to eagles

Let fly the winged beauty, let survive

A twirl toward neverendless oceanic reverie

Bloody barnacles cure so through absorption

And into the winter wind that does freeze, rest

And perch like a sculptured cloud of ice in space

Sonnet of the sun, here we come

Nightingale old enlightened star, are we real?

Bringing new life and melting snow to lakes

Plus an infinity that's thriving things alight

Sipping the well of perfect vacuum

As we float forever friends, no less Adonai Lord


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I Read Each Line

As a complete verse - easier on the connective tissue. :D ~A~




Dalton's picture


Thanks for shewing that, because

I find it a little tedious to follow along

Through the whole thing, too, myself.

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This was really quite lovely

This was really quite lovely to read.

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I gladly apprectiate 

Your genuine pleasure

And typing you like it.