A Wishing Beach



How I wish to be beached again

And lay upon towels in the soft sand

Thus every grain a cushion

Sparkle in the glimmers of bedazzling sun

Thus every one a hot crystal

The tanning skin matches Ode shades of sand

Waves are roaring families of lions that croon

For all of us childrens' lovely day

Who rush to the waters of blue waves

Cool ocean creating a home by floating

Clouds occasionally cover fair glance

And whales afar spout fountains toward heaven

Yellow or white dunes are pure

Scattered with heaps of many rocks

The tide wets our little feet

Seagulls beckon for our bread AR!

I'm a-going in for a dive to cleanse myself


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natural bodies of water

natural bodies of water always purify and replenish an empath. get to the beach, stat

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Walden Pond

Since I am reading Walden by Henry David Thoreau,

Wouldn't it be grand to be poets together at Walden Pond?

Bathing every morning early to the rising sun– till the sun

Reaches its highest and hottest point at noon will we talk

Poetry about birds chirping or flying in and out of sight,

Poetry about our cozy linen on the shore. Wouldn't it be nice

To know precisely what we've needed as time just passes?