Me Presidential



A wood fence speckled with dryland geckos

Lizards Ha no less chameleons changing color

Mighty matter, stuck still reaction. The stars

Remember nothing but night, and bending spines

Woe, percieve the political maelstrom. 

Who's the giant? which desirable wish swimming?

Is our essense truly so stuck in deception?

As a harmony of talking shutters withal, simply

Ghost grieves the necessaries 

All in the void of intellectual reason

The spiritual knowing shies naturally by throne

King be sparkling throughout the small sweetness

And the question and the answer are always here

Yea, how do we please Me Presidential

Light of love is enough what else

What ever else prays the dreaming heart. Flight

Baffle the ground, the emerging ostriches go away


To comprehend our livelihood

The spectrums of nuance only

Seems universally everlasting withersoever

The body is beckoned. Give me a girl

Give me a good girl, for she seems to clean the soul


Ideas in order, worshipping 

Eachother's enlightenment

Please toward enjoyment of who we are

Age compels creation pathway by reverence

Like old pedestals or gold idols

Makes no sense albeit forgiven the image

Forgiven they're after all erected by these

Worthy and not a tree does dismay a dream


Favor the meal forever seeking

Acceptance by certain chiming tidings

Then relax and breathe the dwelling

Clouds are fluffly in the heavens

Clear the thinking bring light unto the void the whirled world


How fast has corruption time

To be undone, darkness wash away

Bright knowing to everyone's day

Technological inklings basking so.

The reciprocating electrons

Has bluff to cease a part of life itself 



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