Maroon Monsoon



A big black gown, fancied with full carcass

Of corrodiing birds alike who flew so

Eloquent, but destined to life anew

Under a bloody sun marking epoch

Symbol of Christ pitter-patters red rain

Made metallic sculptures. Instantly

Calamity gesticulates drenching

Ceremonial phantoms unbeknownst

Bending necks, married faces crying

Water the ornate thrones fitting decay.


Since today's maroon monsoon washes us

The life shews reverberating immense

Too, becoming a lot of love. Forgive

The embodiment of playing organs

Such sounds beat piano-keys harmony

At a pleading soul, heart from the trees' leaves

The trunk amongst sheds every hue now

Deep dark blue, indigo, magenta's truth

Like the spasm beginning universe

Moveable be all things, treacher sings.


O now that the moon shimmers brightly red

I remember, though most asleep, the dread

Of being all that I am, our Godhead

Compels overtaking subliminal

Through walking that dayream like easiness

Be supplicated with past chants

Bygone ignorance of eternal rant

Is it supposed to comfort our marriage

And what happens within this bloody truth

Just let me bake my heart with your heart


Redeeming the stairs to oblivion

Freedom thinking pounding the metal mind

Not entwined but rather to be no lies

Nor to lie nervously the world's demise

Because what we know is never the row

Of seats until wed forever does defeat

In surrender toward peaceful beginnings

Of all that's inevitably misled

Comfort replaces discomfort, sweetheart

And steadfast in the reigning oblivion


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