Bygone Dreams



1 Brushing fate with words already played like acquaintence

By the perusing of newly perception through seeds of knowledge

Alway siginifies the soul, kind of painting the bygone dream.

2 Everything sensous is another aspect, apart from which thoughts

Collaborate the individual; and then expressionism of these

Committee creates the harmonious duality that is feeding it all.

3 A fish a lake of waterworld beings, whereas everyone knows

What swimming is, even within utilizing peripheral's permission.

4 Let fall those subtle raindrops that sprinkle and dazzle wet

Concrete upon our mind enchanting coolness and relaxèd glares

Albeit old dreariness overtaking just fine daytime sonnet. O

5 Inkling of pure & universal intuition presents a wily bough, forgiven

Tis like work be lit in mere smolers and oft a poet redeeming

Simply strange alternations according to whosoever names brain.


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