Since cells have destiny, proliferate,

And striking desire in this world, they connect

To catch whichsoever being working resurrect,

Withal a manifold-cellular want of creatures &

The elctricty's knowledge, although ghost-like

In nature, for it is seemingly invisible until here

Recirpocating something that humans be also

Recievable. Now since all artwork is and alway

A manifestation of someone's only once living 

It becomes to reckon a reconciliation toward a

Thought and ideas to capture a particular people.

Particular manifold-cellular. The cell's knowledge

Knowledge, the cell's pathway; otherwise man's

Knowledge, the man's pathway. If we, Methink,

Unconsciously kill ourselves with fallaciousness

Then the cell will not bound toward re-awakening

The human formation, because of the malajust.

Therefore, back to the garden in order for salvation.



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