Fruit Philosophy



Awe behold the upbrining of     baby crocodile

Remarks heartiness Lord,   giant jackfruit lord.

Big particles of skinned dinosaur hornets roar

Gifts actually the flower O fruit and vice versa

But truthfully the concept in cradling crocodile

Innocent husk is a hunk of one's flesh and live

Until the tasteful ripe redemption savory,  also

Until the tasteful time until the triumph & twist


Not hindered by the husk,  flesh frees easily to

eat the beautiful white worship the essence fruit

And small black seeds in dream redeem  these

Intoxicating return:: to poetry pure poetry these

Living gleam the purest colorful creatin' like tis at

Job to suffise just splendidly and healing cleanse


The cherimoya fruit has scalelike husks that art

Soft like subtle green velvet and perceptibly  art

little squishy:  Awe tis ripe! Which means perfect

To eat all & wonder undoing its white innard flesh

In offering the gorgeous greenery everlasting too

Nature but the seeds separate with old ease off

That lovely bitterness being sweeter one compels

Creation in enjoyable savor so chewing the childs. 


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this one was yes

fun 2 read brox :D  s



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allets AKA ~s~

Thank you sweetheart. Hopeful

That you are feeling much better.