The Stifling & Isis



Surveillance of Murder

   The surveillance of willing hypocritical and innocent murder has the killer a bit pathetical, largely like a colorblind paintballer ignorantly choosing fast plus uncaring red.


Turkey Stifling    & Isis

      Former U.S. Advisor Fiona Hill is probed with impeachment forgiven testimonial toward Trump's money about election about Turkey that, for whatever reason, is all hopefully to elect Biden; and after Turkey corrupts a little thus bombing Ukraine, both of which art U.S. allies against Isis, Russia reaps angrily & Trump decides a pull of troops from thither that act peace. Plus Turkey furthers attack upon Syria, Turkey therefore meanwhile trying throne. Name the throne of Turkey, that infernal despair to every widow and wife. 


    So we've caught the perceptible corruption of the Turkish Empire; their not minding Ukraine as allies by bombing Ukraine toward captivation of further invasion unto Syria. That's why Russia is mad; because Russia is with Ukraine, and we are with Turkey but Ukraine too; though the Americans had not part in the decision. Hence quothed corruptible expressionism by Turkey's immorality for all that throne of their own.


          Whether or not Giuliani embezzleth the campaign with foreign influence, he is becoming to examination concerning whereabout his principles of worship through governmental matters art entwined; the whether of which is being tempted to shy from and lay in potential conspiracy for lacking its noticeability toward the awareness thereof.


      Fiona Hill a kind of rogue Democrat, that now Biden agrees partly because the effect of which forgot his work, both speak versus perhaps cospirital road of fraud: Hill and Biden both oppose the moments that lead about war forgoing in Syria.


    Trump besides having granted the Kurds guns they're becoming ready to defend themselves, although American troops retreat ashamedly unable to help ally Kurds. Russia enters Manbij, and also a Syrian leader reposes land increasingly better than that according to small past all awhile the land being preoccupied severely by Kurds.


Goverment Philosophi

      According in the favor one dillutes all others by intelligent speculation ongoing through smallness, by avoiding the center O whomsoever begin centers of certainty, dilluting the uncertainty, according in knowledge and selfish reasons according to our lives, God as a witness. Om Silver.


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it`s all in the

it`s all in the bible,everything on schedule

world war 3 has begun,it will get worse

isis worships satan,the govt worships power and money

ron parrish