O the lunatic moon art a groaning lime; Wit the works truly ignite, shakes the burning toll, Lest skull scoldeth forever the sequently beloved; And lack crooneth the lusting O ancient lamlight. Art this essence indifferent heat gauntly going, Shunning easy terror about external expressionism? Galore gleams rising float, grandest earthly halo, Hallow thou feeding fire by needful pleasing talk; Hottest a-strolling heat like cleaning thee reverses Only significant exuent. Friendly ashes offer then The feeling real ambient inferno, whether shame, Endless day raising dough praise fiend starlight, Mutterless tomato, wasteful connexions beckon. Rekindle the years, watering your Allama Olam, Distant whatever attitude whispering deservant, Observational blasphemy. The learnt salvation Enchanting naked rapture returns jolly merry, so The compassionate careful gloating grief Going Worry Allah sorry Amiss Candelabra Sta.
Since these worship art imagination ever fetal, Betraying betwixt resonation of palace nor chapel, Darting vertical whine, Awe thriving Dalmatian; Doug only because fairly impossible mishape; Significant shewing sunlight also blossom innate; Silent Night is gift of the loveliest twirling tide. Sister witnesses ebbing star like door just ajar, Brother Ethan. Reachable disappearances reward Wine, and certain kind, not boastingly so Reappearances adjust sip of time That is merely a mime like wrecking thought: Art big district distraught, wont thoughtless The purity chimney, fire, smoke, and all ash O ask thru perhaps ripe spike ye fruit put Nonchalant row redeeming Doug wobbly. Amen
Observing sweet humanity dradle cradles, choose a passion nother lovely monsoon; Indeed embodiment sane rain & Abel compel Seemingly abandonment like thesis— Oh thesis speculate, too, false rhythm. Lexicons love fire, the opposition. During flame still is to singe small— Oh The garden-furnace within and without. Wicked water only hotspring baptize; Every impressive process loves life; Water perhaps a chance, child dramatic; Silent  supplication, Sin, starvation. What merriest Hurricane, Mother Dorian, Mariner hymns tons of water. Thank sea Nor sister, daughter, death settling the wail, Because gusts give overwhelming refrain; Endless stormy babes all-the-same shy may Manifest destiny, American dream, The unfound Newfoundland pilgrimage seed: Church of the Nazarene end scene languish Particularly those rows loving dreamt dread. Gloriously profound professor will Stave the meridian and heart sadness: Air is to gravity vortex of gravity: O  rain and smoke art seeing liquid: Centripical force of stirring like that Fire of singe and flames of whether Choir of Moksha the Daisy libation. Vicinity gloats spectrum uncertain; Malajust awareness by loophole. Pretty picturesque proverb let-a-smile. O including shrew does chime a-knowledge, Rueful perusing its unkempt destiny, Significant brimming lovely truth. The obsolete absolvance and blandness Of slick death, God's baffling Babylonian, Attests the brilliance of winning Sinful chore Thru new juxtaposition and mind gore While the occasional grunt leaps the dread. Loosely trickery trickling bath-house locks. The world is nervously mistaken, like The benign ssaturation of faithless fits Within symphonies calling seats toward Dune and forgiveness to abandonment. Amen
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Happy Fall Beeble Brox

I am just watching the Fall flowers bloom. :)



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Happy Fall

Happy Fall allets.

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It was a stretch at humor :D