Appears Adelphoi



          Tis a bleak visage so spectactular withal spirits tremendous trembling in a desert-sunset ritual that withstands tolerant, otherwise only copulating to surmise some reprievable naturalism just to keep the seatless. Plus devils defeat peculiar O stammer sequentially during all sorceretical testimonials griping under the little moon blissful too.

         Tis very far the sacrisity's rain to sooth, though the coolness of a lovely nighttime stroll best croons despite distant gloomy stars webbing babes and yonder roundabout swoon. To be in starkness we startle deathly odds for rhyme while light does chase through inevitable age screeching metal seraphim, art stuck unto an endless wont. End so does grievance drought wholly. Every one seeds toward debilitation's selfish splendor. Please but make us meaning of mere inhalation.

         Wilt surive even spiralling sisters, too, that a world be cast as simply dust set upon the insignificant mould those things of mind gone to outlast its own fear? We struggle therefore toward sleepy peace because the time is constantly weeping that it can't best something any more or less recognizable than chiming otherworldliness which would grant a seemingly selfsame lack. Once there might be bright flame in effect of effort, but its endless works redundantly fashion in weaving woe the impressionable nature of the invisible. Besides foliage twisting our wit apart, time verily veils the learnt meddle til subsequently spirit ever quenches creational captivation whereabouts loveliest fruit blossoms a garden of darlings wholeheartedly flourishing.

         Splendid rays locate silhouettes fit, playfully forgiving Ode lamantations that become to water peaceful the placation for knitting, after all, so that liveliness shews howling out through discernment; passing patient lovely grins groves thereof showering so. And supposing we're to witness ourselves like the wishing of mundane material, the service of which still shimmers in reflection, we still wilt the pontification seeming timely stumps and reverie withal flickering divine last candle streams. Whomsoever the stranger walking small ignites dissolution just redeeming sensual insignificance, despite sparkling flight and whether people plea solidarity, silently we uncork white wine every evening and walls distract philosophical needs.

         We don't surmise with the mere ideation of summons, no less terror-stricken in old notion of paranoia because we've supposedly become a captive through possession. When thoughts cannot even appear one's own and since tragedy of maleficent & fearful manifestations of its not-be-known as the complexity compromises, we turn over anguish of wonder withal withering spiral sequences life. Ain't no way to cope, like some estranged psalm and or endless creative turmoil plus the lacking significant perception that is to be how toward acceptance ongoing thru innate naturalism devoid of selfish merits but that for our Virgin.

         Oak so nameless, sonnet saves best; notice redeems appreciation forgiven ignorant recluse, like a lion forgetful during big feast licks the bloody silent captivation; Oak the cobra charmer oneself stokes good; certain search often in sweeter delving unveils some meaning: that mysterious peace ripely defeating tragic time, woe electricity thine everlasting rhyming raga. Pasture often avoids the soul than to be decour than blank contradiction shedding sonnet at ye beginnin. Aught enough serpent and glaring-glaring without O another spiralling grove the needful gaudy gracious sleep for grieving acceptance, effaciously savoring loveliest peaceful people? Vacuum lacks the lasting figtree. Ye no famino.


         Dedications Elizabeth and Sidon Waters Shantih they're imaginary lexicon whistle. Far hedge which they very lightly still woe respect preceding destiny ever of dread, whomsoever mindful timeliness pleases becoming to beauty, patient expectation; and so we do not soar in ignorance kiss dedications to the honk of the horn, also the compelling silence and I ubiquitous friendliness really just want to enjoy fresh corn.


         The symbol chimes invertebrate pyramid; the eyes of a llama see naught complex; call it the easy will a dune to rest transing beyond ideations the need lest it shuns forgiveness upon deathly strut lest and only the glory of rain heal and the appearance of pomegranate seed. Truth the tree's word forgiven the famine. How bad is hell? Yea bad is hell because Within very dense action and chimney we whimsy round fire and merrigold pole during duress the sequential mutter.


         Appear orphans of wiliting durian. Outcast doubt cleanses hymn realism. Travail the job wishing only moss thru night. Trampling Arch-Michael pleads enlightenment trickling phantom the carriage, the candle, everlasting truth staving fiendfulness. Flourishing wagons delight a dragon: Ode to be Autumn frog that sinks in space like water dissipates chasing oneself. Ceremonial fruit of the cacti, end crazy questioning at nonchalant, daunt not reason but take the brevity; prickly perfection materialize every single favourable vow. Cleansing appears gate, begotten 'bacca biggest bunch of love Amum To Me Too. Ode the truth can linen torment sweetest meanwhile breathing signify nostrils and the mouth fulfilling speech plus fruit? Time could be the ultimate translator.


         Still hoping through denial wilt thinking also fulfill oneself strangely occupying a time. Ghost turning not grand demise whilst mind brims the sleepy grim the newborn nod does bewilder. Go skipping until all trials put guise to beaming O peaceful you coolly ever twining the wild.

         Entereth lamentation through hysteria, renouncing poetical ego like in a spite and demise of percieving Adelphoi. Verily, little fetters passing by woman. Entereth limb too weak forgiving a falling Pomegranate's hymn or simply the fruit to eat: The beckoning of doves to appear and so surround O Only fittoffering, fourteen ripe pomegranate seeds garnishing a hard-boiled egg. Sarai

         Diamondback cesspool and a pond of snapping turtles arches creating livid pillars of humanity. Alas the figleaf ritual redeemeth like lost promise. Woe toward the innateness of fire in earth, timely miracles shew forgetful dance, newfound incoherence plus free-will. The void the petrifiable silent shoreside remember that depth ruins eternal paradoysm perfectly a schism for tomorrow, standing till the sun essentially, qualms not voodoo thought well by air. The merit of marriage to be eating peaches home; aside and worship old favourite face no less beautiful than rebirth. The bird of paradise spy rhthym magnificent and because the creator weaveth smoothness somber hands play fetter morose the fixation with orchid with shower. Hoping ye earn though reverence ye deserve so the weets in the cage have beautiful stage. The energetic presence believeth control, neither plethora of masters nor whirly, the law of a priestess seraphim and reverend metaphysical elucidate. Plight of the stone this eroding metronome.


      At the highest floor of a tall dispassionate tower juxtaposing its ornate decay that even, Yea, the dry gardens surround thus upon the ground, equally insidious hearts of lovers lull souls while as it seems hovering through dense mist and fog covering the farther unseen landscape already swept for naught. As though a cloud lapsing reason in peculiar blank, they strive like king and queen for words that compel toward prayer for peace which eat either graceful maze. Only a mirror the collaboration swells uncertainty amidst the air and minds of these brilliant but dying lives. 

     KAYLAH Sarai: "You a treacherous human; besides what is there to loathe? Ode rings of darling dancers."

     Baba Adelphoi: "Dare ye disguise the sensuous, thou frenzy forever O lost eternal woe. We're a good going like pruning to be a love in anguish sowing no sweet." 

     KAYLAH Sarai: "Truth a spirit is walking out. That is the spirit of a mother. Tend to me. We're born for what purpose, lamentations within an oasis for livelihood?

   Baba Adelphoi: "The only few flowers that all-being in the whole desertland art picturesque & beautiful like thee. What can one seat O whilst arrows fly at voiceful favor forgiving these fleeting utterances to be despise, everlasting glare and the spite of a parallel person in helping toward flourishing fluttering amends withal?"

     KAYLAH Sarai: "What known while the fruit tree sleeps be the prickling dry stubs, but where they've decided to come from thine own consciousness sticks me baby unto a world of moreso manifesting uncertainty. Never will one walk again through those gardens fearlessly. Therefore, don't speak please now impossible amends."

     Baba Adelphoi: "Perscious evening and warm skies. Air sooths my barren brains, soars by and through my mind. What is time with such disguise?"

     KAYLAH Sarai: "Excuse me, your words are as worthless as the budding fruit tree that bears no real fruit. Better, it might as well whither on the branch than to be consumed by that insidious heart."



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