Noon's Relief AD



So singularity's deep conundrum Art vexing connexions in question How that lost beginning toward rebirth Only senses reef's eternal solacing. Noon's relief spelling subtle thundercloud Drowning phantasm though abounding still Ever pantomiming all wallowing These powerful practices' grascious calm. Methink if the whim dies to die upon whim, Either way unknowing of what will happen, Do realise distant faraway spectre Missing Moses. No less we get the work. Sarai grows small surrounding oasis, The sprouting trunk mimicking those lips' hue, Shimmin paints a rift like chameleon. Fetal feet all futile fatal though smart Still forgives memoric dissipation, Learnt the curves O perhaps in season waits Fragrantly heated in the thought til Realizing further staring fauna Because inasmuch accepting a crown, Awhile humid heart significations Resounding portentious relaxation, Quells therefore as the utmost serving pearl Otherwise thinking dryness and singing. Pairs the witness that sequential drink. What a distraction the past deludes shew Sighing in an arrangement patient raise Wishing existence while sapping promise, Shines the saffron in vivid phosphor, Like bones the meridian connexion, Certain in suit to the root and the shoot Admonishing fairly frugal observes, Juxtaposing tame creative nuance, Looming unapprehensive ambience Therefore pools appeareth lively enough. Shim's clay of perception and reverie Geysers like eyes reflecting surmisal Perhaps dipping midst ladder's friendship Seeming to dry dreams in time reprieves In other words absorbing Opera Stifled in seas of the strange renouncement; Well it's the same study as all of them. Benign days pray ashrouding utmost may Sarai barren for sorry frequencies. Forbidden fruit stray to everlasting Like blurry whistle the actual unfound Grieving seems through all of the lovely night During drowning the part indecision That outstanding strotosphere even so Nor deframing peculiarity Piecing service nor spinning the cradle The already better babes to water Time taller tendril like budding mischief Shying the secret of balancing act Signalling sillhouttes and slim comfort. Rot influences as distraughtness Perchance soil for Shim's own philosophy Uprooting true melanchic deludes Forgiven the strenuous thought amen Using sin to dwindle the intellect Ending degrees toward absolution Forbidden delves into eternity Upon a shelf meddling Hallelujah. Flooding shadoweth scarlet as the kind Facsimile of diamond vexation–Separation utter forgetfulness– Fading with the wind sooths a little while. Another aching flower symbols return, No wailing performs that eventual tune, Following the grim factor and the truth. We'd love to remember what it is like To be adoring all wisps and flow Aims the silent prayer despite O woe; Aloof by shame grave dramatic hymms. Godspeed Shim's wonderful ressurection. Enigma blessing through its foolery Succumbing whatever that means to be. Sweet child absorbing deceitful abhor Creator in the midst defeats selfsame. Submerge and shimmer dark and velvety Baptize in glorious firmamet Neither for demise ever for blossom Youthful plight choose to proliferate. Not elsewhere underwater striving so If the root don't glow life some gem alone Buoy the transe stupor needlessly shed. Sarai diminishes to transient hope; Methink away pretty enough ye tree O mourning that unseen aspect in color Beside chirping redemtion rather night Like through it all continueth saving light. Thought as the proper thing flutters the ground Whatever happening wings of mad mud; Grandest dawn alway inviting droplet Changing procession innocent orchard. Copiate shrilleth Shim's will and big birth That would be as dreaming learnt glacier Sighing upon shoulders end going earth Into them otherwise standing rehearse: O the sun strokes, let us glorify now Just soaking psalm phosphorescent babe And the better thoughts nod the mindless, Spiral perplex antiquity. Shim aught and all to proper pulpit else Succumb perfection the doubt of a drought. O ye see the sun the whitest tigress No less would vortex of burial burn Because the emberless of shame forgives The ingraspable rightcheous cleanly work, The slow dissolvant complacant wicked Which means wherefore these scenes ungrieving Overwhelm the oath felling pleadful bliss Like living creates wonderful cushion Languishable until their twilight glare, Easy enough avoiding surrender Never longing absence yet the dimmest Ever loathe that love secret thoughts follow Ache besides ate eternal misgiving To be dauntly awe subtle stalk O fruit. A bee of solace beckons the same whirl By arching free introspective pollen As to plenty fast ancient voice of pup Gratifying an incoherent crowd The only realest silent night and though The illness of emeralds tauntingly shivver The small watering glimmers beloved. The nervous captivation ceases sung.


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