Headnotes Drink



A binding romance in every abyss, O bemuse, Awhile too not dreaming ther lives about through Whining of what it is missing in not seeming You Perhaps dilluting also God parallels therefore Like taking the lewd the eternal paradox, even so A matee of alcohol is a matee of His plan and These shifting ideations O calamity in words Forgiving the uplift Spirit. That is a signification too Only in immediate reference toward the clamor Effaciously concerning the investigation of Sobriety as a negotiable so and so, unless the Absence of alcohol itself is a symbol for also Still absence to be the Songs of God, and Temptation to Sri drinking has no connexions into The already witnessing promiseland of Heaven.


As if Eden was created: forgiving connect of Man's prophesy through the unkowing freedoms Connecting God's landscape with childrens' go.Therefore a Woman shone grace, and forgave Perhaps prophetical allusion toward renouncing That glory of dissolution like a Man of Faith whom Art actually not mistaken forgiven the oath. O Speckled mangos grove refrain of hallowed sweet Although upon realising their unsavory seeds, Defeat His ignorant perciever with tastes oWorldliness alone forgiving the penitence because We've appreciated revelations nor enojoyment Of embodiment. Yom As if the people is working throughout fear Arising like in schizophrenic insomniac formations Toward ther habitual expectations that art the Returning whither nightingale per livelihood paint The tomorrow the resurrect O living rehearsal And frantic beckons of the all abysmal phantasm Drowning our sequences in only Holy hallowe.


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