2nd Communion in Parti

.                                                                  Awaiting Time


She could walk outside on starry nights, thru the streets and those things we drive:

Faithful though fallen, still strand trees of tulips' depth, solace, and display:

Art they only the gloom of health, to smirk anew avoidance perused

Forgiven the drape that spite delights slow day-curves whispering to Eve's

Sleep, misfitting a separating scheme and smoke and chimes of crying?

The connexion for the daughter of water means the small smile and grief

Discerns limp pistils of their hymn, solemn pollen, like hundreds of hearts

Seem to provide quite noteworthy silence fromwith, inferred alongside

Being eaten by dissection of intellect and the heat of faith,

Pretending rosin as to feel ourselves upon body's felt applaud

Roaming eternal reminders begot: inklings of our gracious God

Whose mind is reaves now perceiving the insight towards passion-offered sally.


Awakening, you look kind of cool with a mirror framing. By the way, it makes

Sitting deep even peering upon the lonely disciplines: still sent,

Seen and evermore. Hope your time is fine for a little while unless

Time's at peace with what we've seen upon Earth's evening all doubted from these

Tabernacles' blame. Then, pure and simple, love what you art, which means


Hollow strength of the unseen heart: that's sought to stay upon tiring time

Deciding, else wind silent stowing its forever like pillow's absence:

Like the taking of different dimensions and remorseful,

The selfsame truth of forgiveness lives Allah and tying line's mood.


Like symbols dwindling through wem, sweeping kisses, even though lapsing

Forever to find the firing curves of the purest time framed hourglass:

The whirlpool therefore wouldst marking the essential and endless Heaven.


Violins veil time-travail a symphony, though dawn's drying reaves

Dialing a piece always for another bring of seasons to blink:

As famine with wine, dripping confessions like pine, do chase in the waste

Fortelling no grace to fitting Peter's silence. Without, the play writ’s

Beautician-offered benignity fromwith timing the leviathan.


Placated besides meditation of marriage forgiven a scene

Of arguments and sub-parallels like footsteps are good enough sex

As sacrifice and fear don't hinder those until slower subtleties.


The Spirit drives, and it beckons, a big ancient hearse for peaceful please.

With secular deeds discounting immediate sight's similitude,

We've wedding waiting for another seeding. Wear Pilot's defeating,

Unless undying hearse besides supplanted without western connexions'

Saffron phrases: while observing those contraries, for flutes as offspring’s'

Amends of fallen, fitting fleece like depth of wells worship the still dim

Pretending only that these pursuits may commune meager thoughts alone


Burning my bowels for a lady's diamond and better babies:

Without presenting the resume of the muse of easy betel-nut,

For choosing to wise dietary diapers congress toward dryer please

And endless congress of maladjustment misread within sorcery

And the parable fromwith as sins manifest embody ideal.


The woodpecker reasons within hollow poles: like clever phantom,

Doves ease between that happening as height parts its hypnotism

Ladybug gentile hallowing the division as another lost

Spider craves the way too. The thought justifies the riddles of my eyes.


Gorgeous cornrows and the messenger of strange doves sighting firmament:

Frequentations of fire-eaten symbols strolling like nights in whiter,

Softer veils: refrain art the big burnings leavened heat tiring parties.

Allãma reprieves as a righteous rehearsal and continuing

The defaming old, long cycle upon teaching happiness protects

Life despite hidden pastoral chills of even footsteps until hid

Thrill of solemnity while girls will still spin dradles of broadness in whisper            


Undertaking of Salvia Divinorum could cause a clinging

Like its unholy matrimonially' witness of disposition:

The Lady's sequence confusing with presences of peoples' pursuit

Therefore a Guru or righteous treatment of You with real marriage

Should be the besting matters to sooth for faithful effects God endows

Especially in fewest concern of that sin as prostitution:
Directly regard the manifestation of others untruthful


Always have favor of spirits upon the screen, translating angels

Unto our dream like treating what's been as merely massacre of me

And finding the fort of calamity after the feat. of a means

To ready the Son. He is the sanctified one of love through that stuff.


Sorry soul, therefore, we wallow our lives in love never regretting

The forgiveness art although chanting upon pure sorrows of the well,

Whilst realizing loops and loosening for soothing water droplets sooth.

They're fragments, too of an altering message that is plight's blameless body

Like the night of Your endless capture to despite these things of ground

Pursuing throughout ever lasting twinkling and the silent starlight.

is Creation's Caption: you're extremely too pretty for a period                  

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