2nd Communion



To be awake art a kind of shrill mirroring frameless bygone and Setting deep enough, peering upon the lonely dawning discipline: Scenes everlasting praise your time in fine for a little while until Time's at peace with what we've seen upon standing Earth equally doubtful, Aching about not blame, but pure and simply lovely what is. Create Hollow strength of an unseen heart that's sought to stay trying blood indeed Lest fearful quicksand bless absent nor silent–the almsgiving world's woe; Like that of a pillow whom calling thus of every dimension Remorseful grins biggest truth in forgiveness. Fathom Allah, love life Like vibrating daybreak chose this shewing kiss, thru thoughtless chimney Struggling as to smolder although firing arch of the home purely so; The whirlpool therefore Ode remarking essential and endless heaven. Amen


Yay walk oft outside; forgive starry night thru street, road, and why sweet grove; Better waterfalls strand tan trees of tulips' depth, solace, and display; Art they only the gloom of health to smirk anew void, perusing At delightful drape indeed slowly curving, whispering sleepless eve? Stay the outcast, the nervous separation, smoking chimes and whine; The connexion for the daughter of water means the small smile and grief Discern limp pistils for a hymn–solemn pollen–like hundreds of heart Seem to provide quite noteworthy silence within spry or sequent nod; Then feet outlast during precision of intellect and old heat of faith, Pretending rosin as to feel ourselves upon body's felt applaud; Trampling eternal reminders begot: inkling of our gracious God Whose mind art reaves now perceiving the offer passion, sally, belief. Amen


Violin veils travailing time symphonic and still gauntest noon seed Glimmer upon every piece alway another breathing season. Famine fasts wine serpentine confession like sap to be libation O prophetic walk in wood midst the incarnate balancing moss, Because the offer imagination art benignly beautiful: Placating bedsides at slumber and marriage forgive scenery Of arguments of sub-parallels like footsteps are good enough sex. Endtime crucifixion. Dreadful the stump hinder until glow so. Amen


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Personal Poetry

Not for us, not surreal, no conformity - structure without sense - something else. - slc



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Adelphoi Adaptations

Methinks art well formulated, no less in falling
Especially forgiven past, plentiful sensibility. Yemen