1st Communion



Though we savor those young neo-sommeliers we’re only just hoping a safe to-and-fro, slow ever going and Neti Here Hallaliah Hallelujah. By  by a survival of a single tissue obviously is not a towel yet apparently so Ama'alia Amana Amen wise dripping tears of water so curing a-drumming the stomach. Concubine quells grief grandly enough, sipping on our brains, because Pst these dynamos of drink keep seconds to plead for the signification that women art ward hot like the persona of asps in weed, indeed losing inspiration by decent mice and the children surprising. A seal to blue is therefore simple bedtime. Night. Here the page's hum yearns a constellation call, notwithstanding whose wit startles appearance wallowing when pleasure sent alone is the ever eating awe for clever Ghost Ghost Ghost God Holy Virgin, howbeit specters as candelabra are good figuring a Ja. P.S. May be tired of the variables to hold the manuscript.


Direct dialogue anchors connexions for the null needfulness, Pure only made so if patient past the boys' tying blasphemies. Worried Days go trained withal, deepest been about except underlying wot. The invisible umbilical with apt found and through Spirit's drain Refers dimensions of staved detailing selfsame as the stretch to where Always will pertain the sweet and straightaway birth forgiving a friend, After uncertain witness lullabies its fret: Yea, heat of the scheme Cradling blind babies above whilst words reel the love: More bleats to come OM To water's fall is our Virgin hiding Edend's timely durian, As bread just offered graces remembering of the relaxing practice Even walking felt parts home towards promise of subliminal “what” Contemplating bread's pretending besides brothers. Hats off to Mother.


Effecting spirits of youth's shovel, that prune the low roses and bough Whose spin may wander still mystery of surplus throughout lapse. Unwind As the infinite focal with bread inasmuch it is concerning Hospital's art form, like a chirp of such word's ploy more so coming grace Create  the commune soloist phrase and offer those fallen daisies That speckleth refrain to consider all the plates and a lot of mime. Marriage's eyepiece replaced like Palestinian porcelain, every Which direction to gaze. Committing pot and pain do spend Danish. Meanwhile, the dishes could learn that hands spray dish-pit to mercy.


The clairvoyant puts letters atop piano keys, and they are red. “Your song is dull,” said she, so instead goes backward to her decedance. Meanwhile we're shewing the perfect med, awake and unbeknownst: Your “Good The friend leaves to dine. Grant me this night to confess. He's tiresome, needs rest.” Frightful of women and feelings for a man's might, offering delight.


What's perverse of the body and fetters: since as man, connecting the Vision creation even so working to trance amalgamation, Being Jezebel's destiny O appalling rock, whom sighting wide Chancing, Priscilla thus inhabits, staying oft to sway waning years Sorry to doubt fictitious meddling, reminiscent glimmer of ultimatum. Wheresoever The stalling of those dates? The troglodyte spots. He is a man, and this is where he landed, like jeweled agony


A resolve and death touches life too with spirit's pursuit ongoing. A moth-eaten flute within the visage of a snake as a cloud's sound Drowns the occurrence as changing it alters for high droplet’s solace. The schisms return like trees, circling of secrets whose space, unnerving And quite sorrows the thinking in these, to the spite of learning no leaf: Not this one, not this business of romancing espousals dreamt up. The guise is behind. Passers in the evening also try slyly Chanting the slant of beckon shared. No time, home less offers a hike A wanted wife, but she just whispers forever and so hums the sun.


Nameless, finding the only altar's steps, steps, and facing forever. With diminishing being the wayward confine of rocks scat'ring dust. The subliminal floundering frequented. Was the filet the sea? Fountain of weeds with earth, wither no blood, except crying dry tincture. Afterward, have some Dusty Tomohawk. Drink no mind, you please.


We meander weak, burnt  footsteps thereabouts yonder mound of making buds Worshipping the world of thunder whilst a-twiddling thumbs until basking The Word: hears unto which stars being against, and the wind's Whirlpool  of Awestruck amaze. Why whimper within the spelling firmament, heart's vein Where happening rain. And decent mimes draining still that place, whilst brains go Drenched and steamed by flame. Sleep achieved the lifeless psalm. Slowly, things amidst As garden strolls prick some wisdom, the soul repents with peeking muses. Barely transgression's petal-tongues graces the Ghost to His Smoke and ask


Jesus, the Beast befuddled and His peace. Phalanges whereto? Patience for how we're seeking to survive with designed entwinementi divvied. Reciting here to be without of watching many big culture. Peer and pry. Let Koli sign known to feel seated with Angels, and lasting arid, Seeming the genteel man of the body's members. Then rest and let greet. Grow slow the visage. Fear slow the beauty. Yes, twist ethereal.


Sway cigarettes, Sir. Do reckon the wisps the end. Seen the love. Offer But my numerous Queen! for a week begot I've thought to draw dunes round these Speechless to revise which sand weeps drunk. Can I- Pleading, may I sit? Worship stumps nor stop however fearful, for dwelt gathering the grace. Things drastic and don't decipher rotations, your especial wise mind Switching icicles as smallish and fatal, and tingling the brain's float: A certain pattern appearing thirsty. Either careful or long pause. Vary perception of Virgin Mary. Think thus possessed by songs and Extravagant, and know not it’s sparing. Dwindle question's reflections Like screening renews paradoxes entirely a coin purse for gold.


Distance, sun-dried sea no herb to smolder, the child is fine, in red sighs. Confusion's a liar. The secret of tortoise hides innards and motions Wad to water, to perchance another abyss which is sinking Daughters’ Service for olives' indiscernible offer from Allah's thought's while Big fields of flowers suffice. Nothing fixed twice. Of one truth smoke rose


Ramakrishna hands a short vocation, and shrine, whose wedding stilli fits Humbled: perhaps did never master a-chiming the making-bells for Seats with Sarai, nor the parties, for these children. Discussed besides that Breakfast or Prasad, fetters that last, rust, Swami Yogeshananda Losing his hearing alongside wise cake. Studies succumbed to themselves Like cells of Peter signifies life got as to reason the breathing of whom from across The room. Om Amal, brother of likeness, “It’s it.” A substitute had this lovely head, where after fell raptured of fire Asceticism, and quick asleep whilst sitting upon tydamats. Swami D, Abbot Argentinian, must have therefore languished Like the small ladder of static dreadlock, like what lacking a focus As teal has wept those demeanors just teaming oyster's shut insight. Although maybe the longer a man's locks art son, despite precedence Of immense escape of otherworldly depicts, implies a safety Given and kept, here art Earth's body, attesting weary, brilliant Innocents. We drag ourselves gladding thru the path, no less pebbles To chopping carrots. Remembering however the circumstances Practicing the peace of these messages, daylight degrades sin's escape We take penitence because we consider it’s sentient motion, After hearing a beige screeching in the villa, tossing feed for eggs To stirring do serve Bramachari Amal's gifts and pleasantry miss, Sprouted only of love's hammered connexions of another seeming.


Great lectern hall and scriptural gems of You creating, quelling Wide Frequentations of whine. Deva's mind, swell drank A.A's alike Here appearing, the detect is a manifest of dynamo's toll Being the idea of another as a guest to impress upon Self, whereas feeding fallacy by pretending reason of others Reversing words so they stay to testify change awhile Brahman loves No more Gates, also concentration a man's one total welcoming His women as well. Burning bows art always small getting hours to peer Authorship amid comprehending Om Tat Sat whipped with water, wards Sail thoughts' reflect sinking eternal “Not this boy's baptismal


Pondering. Did we then learn? Saffron is hallowed like a nightingale Grants good oranges. On the hill of a real blind desert visage, cries The mind for the reel of time. The ceviche pulls, dying in shroud deep, Deep dim, and further joins Bramhan that is Brahman furthermore joining. We've given Neti tries, but simply to greeting wells, staring hello. We’ve seen the cord the stanza and Thee. Woe Father for the wick and bite. For the candle is quits the flame therefore is another degree's Consume: related this fire, furthering, does lie withholding knowledge. Prayer to proceed nor misgiving of His scheme under the witness. Terms of family measure precedence how so the Ghost gives treatment. Physical Father Mother Brother Sister, Son, art facsimiles.Allãma Hasheesh Messy Martinis. Amōn presenting the taps.


Innocent subjects as the paradox like the past forgave dismay Of a wasted face filling the convalescent creation of kids. Like benign bridegrooms judgmentally therefore kiss clear day's salvation. Huda child  sandals of the metronome of naught for hearing the sounds Discern the looking slowly tying doctor's palate nonetheless, with the Rest of Maya's man forgiving the Tumtum of impressing a lot. Perdition of soap, symbols, and searing splendor’s pastime ado to. Parables of grass and hiding. Thanks for joining the rectification.The nibbles of sin and the knack of the gin for one confessional.


Timid thinking else lightning rags of mercy feed the concrete footstool. Under the gutter descent clocks for swim, english stairs then mistresses. Methinks and whisper strange swamp and some fog. Frogs croak majestic. They madden silence. So-called crickets too adjust and jog the spelling. Nothing's said like cigs blunder inkling's soul because the peculiar Death going nowhere troubled. Besides, only Saints veiling the last kiss. Sequences of nymphs. Sorceress, and Oedipus. Ocean's eyes amiss. Consider only observations, displeasing pastime brevity. Only 'till then the forgiveness of that depends upon “please bite these Inconceivable phantom for remembering others stealing dimes.”

The consequence of chicken and mustard seed bananasear beer In the smallness of a red shack and its mainframe selling cyclones of Goat milk, gat also people's formula, project by just dissection Been Children’s courage too for those protein's distance with our queer steering. Allah's fameless fruit reminds ourselves suitable to grope carousels. In-faith gratifastray because we're confined thru the sewer's fall always. Feed the pretty size personified, defaming the rustle of rice.


The papers art free, still our minds are assigned for what is the tree? From the consequent revisions of sighting, plain so the sight towards Spectral returning smarts indifference seeming. We art given script. Thoughts confine verses mostly of mud, like a swine wants as viscously Its body throughout just as the tree tries branching its message: is the Firmament. Learning do we become separate? Perhaps the soul-stuff Re-channels level only to fertilize such, and how among is done. Besides these haikus removing the gain unto every telling said. “Supper” of Beckon. Mamem's “Meatballs do reckon practicing savor.” We should once peruse significant dreams of bright colors and their fruit, Comparing greener signals of a child gone by with tiding and waves. Is not the matter with that which is discussing renewed with the crack, Of holding the Word, in the pureness of scolding fire's undressing heard? And so the wood burns the relapsing theory that's slowly subduing Our Virgin's light, for we comprehend our nights just easy enjoinment, Seated, then work with ”We’ll show the tree tomorrow what we think we meant By reading the which, but son our Firmament of bedtimes become To chimes and curtain and candlelit skin. People people prays their good. We art prophesy like a page measuring to manifest ideal. Even treating the servitude of the dealing mood in answers: Mystery without a scheme, nor particular existing distance. We translate ourselves for ink's observance ourselves corrections grant want Of fallacious whine, rhyming its abyss within the listening bus Of think. The space after croons labor's crucifixion after renewing Notations of whom art brooded being deludes of wonder and the Mastering typewritten freedom's peace to be pouncing baptismal confine Like to hollow scold indeed plead shrunk passover of decent descent. Enough, that mays, change disregarding the same placements tying renouncing. Faces remember their coolness of change, perhaps perverting marriage. The stage, let's say, imps reason to buckle the seen. Even patient-pulled Metaphysical simply staves complete, since we properly art Lost to interpret the imagery of pavement and worship nothing Oblique, yet the strait away transcendence itself Q-taps magic cells Closing in shells of murky foresight, also where the only school hist. Like the eyeballs once were kissed to make the world shores and get a few dives And body's fine Bridling. YHWH Baby Jesus. Daylight arrays of sauna.


TV upsets, also falling out of football's old possessive pretense. The quick translation of a laxative, meanwhile quitting interest. A decent divorce towards quarrels with dad. Decide to abide half with Mom, only his first wife and now loveliest psalm. Misadjust conscious School. Its learning curves appear pointless, forgiven the marker. Fasting And a lot of fruit. Meet David, younger than good. Surrender unto Relations not like the prostitutes do. No less vivacious, recedes To quiet specters with some drink and more so herbs testified, building Brandon's nest like a cactus' star of fellow friends


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i am impress  keep writing, i would love to see more! a good thing mate, dont leave , by the way your play with your words and dont follow any criteria or silly logic, poetry is free and you sound to me,u are heading the right way, keep going!!!

Visual poet/ Libertine lost in a labyrinth of complexities, methaphors, searching for the essence/ Ink of life/ death to spell my syphilistic words on the page/ screen.       

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Soundin' Good Dude

Where Ya been, missed ya. Be well - slc