3rd Communion



Tempers tulips and drags tail whilst touching, teaching the every bit That salvation still untruly offers whispers: Tal thrones of dreadful whimpers uttering endless the hallowed thought. Mates, Her returning like petals art lamentations, paradox, delude Through hesitation of unbelieving promise and a loving God. As if a woman, forgiven hailing psalms, too dwelling in renounce Solaces question by delivering nuance through existential Reflection that's ailing witness thinking through that man and woman Art similitude: man sings woman and woman appears to dissolve Only another  person's harmony: like slender silhouettes. Oh kinds of certain collaborative detect, taking pears' lasting grace Until also light. those suppositions sight tame curtsy well enough. What therefore happens disappearing shrug as surplus of peering? May be nonchalant breathing, forgiven nodding elegant streamings.


Wastes his soul throughout the tale besides not gasping space, though Peers upon golden elation: Without, reeling stares art naught a lie, unleavened coffin, nor hurting halos Of dimension like no kid lulls hid and also sacred forgiveness, Lightly conundrum, nor flight of endless paling pontification.  As unseen bells shroud nor veil his mind in timing easier deserts. So much linen, would we've rather the tonic, and stay our naked corpse No. We'd rather be Cain's kind: although he said only apart groves phantom. Therefore, feet having the small dot of touch: and O avoiding that grace Even in essence that's hiding mirror, wherefore cranes fall through fair hell, Freyed redundantly contorted upon the floor within their demise Uprising small sprouts: revealing desolate and prayful penitence Expecting lament O peoples' far ambient nor crooning singlets, Supposing those white appearance of sensuous solace through a while And perchance to plead peril's unsparing dream O footsteps faithful.                                                       


Yes, works very hard. She doesn't truly know thine proper way to steal Secret sad cloth, yet proceeds glooms’ existence anyhow. Why walks She the beckon of a suicidal dream: art therefore not decent Passerbys stunning like grand doves, parallel, spell widowed depression: Although holding bread chastening scene's linguistics As easy alone loving Babylonian riddles: ate of time? Yemen Art ripples of sold or sacred stalks through Dante's contemporary Garden shape and shade oh taking its eventual lusting endeavor.     


Knows everything people plead to hem, like the promise of pelting Diamonds passing over do begin beauty’s standard and singlet Let me say that once, everything except for monk's unknown abib they Mime getting heirloom. O originally the waypoint takes neither Valiant arise like the style of gate's splendor promising baptize Howsoever and forgiving tragedy's smart angelic pulpit, easy Quilting a chancing witness upon the folded rhrone the nodding and Smaller anxious ideal. Hail hail hail Virgin wed-ding. Pairing in Belair. Work is typically a chaotic whale voyage speckling scoff or want Ripening every psalm as witness of other lives through depending terror Still realized in the Candid Creation like those destiny through dread O contempt dares aspiring rhymers' disillusionment. There is no slow death because it happens flashing as the lines of life Through Jesus Christ mays contemporary lakes devoiding fathom.                                                            


Hello, people. O  pearls of Kaylah Jude whims Gabriel's hymn so Stilling friends. Fruitless vocations shed the bedside stirring gloomy gown's Hysterical murmur like through Solti's cats peering upon starlit tomb I'm waiting for You. Nothing compares to death like to whom I'm dreaming Maker of weakness, our heading defeat beats this rendering of kings pitied enchantment Thoroughly: these men's melancholy and madness which you now perceive Yet deny healing. Past the past redeems itself although Occidental bars Tell stupidly thine to remind the prayerful end in low language, Signing aftermath of false accumulation, nonsense that we'd ne’er Helped in congress: and furthermore I am only undertaking pills of Undressing the slaying death high bluff we know we've all seen. Dream the now gone by Like imagining parables towards physical and inspiring wakes.     


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nice choice: 5.4   I'm waiting for You.//Nothing compares to death like//To whom I'm dreaming                 

.          5.5   Maker of weakness,//Our heading defeat beats this//Rendering of kings//                        

.                   Pitied enchantment 

           lovely like a bed of dead flowers/ your perfume has gone/ i wonder why/ if i lies of course/ still how lovely it would be to laid on this bed made of dead flowers/ shinning shooting stars in your eyes/ too late/ crashing on the floor/ i witness my shaddow disapear...


Visual poet/ Libertine lost in a labyrinth of complexities, methaphors, searching for the essence/ Ink of life/ death to spell my syphilistic words on the page/ screen.       

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Adelphoi Adaptations

Entereth: a simple Amen, degressed as
The similitudes of emotional, and more,
Metaphysical foundation's forever. Yom