I Wish I Knew How To Write

Why is she getting closer? 

I asked myself
I'm no man to be getting close to
My future reflects my past
A dead end, the path of trouble
Once you head down that way
There's no turning back
But you are so persistant
Your beauty is impeccable
And mine is nowhere near a match
How can you see me worthy of speaking to?
Why do you give me your time?
Your sympathy, your care
You even gave me your heart
Filled with rays of pure light
But if it's true
That too much light can make you blind
Then it would never work out
As we're from worlds miles apart
And you love your man
Or at least you said you did
He called for you 
In drunken pleas
It seems as though he finally realises
After countless loveless intimacies
There is no other girl like you
But my feelings for you
Surpasses his by more than you can imagine
And that is why I must get away
From you, from everything
And I wish I knew how to write
So then you could see just how much you mean to me 
Instead of speaking these words
Under the starry night sky
With not a soul to hear them

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the novel Take Me There by Carolee Dean

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