The Princess And Her Dark Knight

Look upon a moon hung low in the distance
She stands there in a clearing between two
empty buildings..

Not far from the street as traffic rushes by
not even a glimpse to wonder why.. She waits
for him her darkest knight a rose she has
clasped in her hand what color will it be for
him this time..

He peers to her from across the way not
noticing that he's this hunter and the dark
knight is his prey.. He waits in the shadows
using her as bait..

As the night lingers on no sign of him
in sight this dark knight.. She starts to
wonder will he show up..

To walk away in a world of sadness
The rose falls so silently upon the street
Small clear tears stream
Down her face as she leaves

Later he comes and picks up the rose
Smelling the sweet smell that's still there
A small smile upon his lips she came...

The next time she comes with that crimson rose
Yet to see a small paper left upon the road
And unto thee it speaks sweet words forcing
The pink to glow upon her cheeks

Will he come this night? or shall it be forever gone
To leave the delicate rose upon the ledge
Soon so soon she knows...

To come across this crimson rose
Kissing the petals her sent lingers in the air
To wait for the perfect moment in time

Night after night these games are played
The riddle never known unto thee
Till later she never comes

To the grave she comes upon thee
Staring at the moon embraced
Soon so soon she'll know....

If at surprise that one day within a dream
he should visit and stay a night in comfort
longing to only touch her earth warmed skin

Praise her spirit for the grieving of tears
left on her cheeks from crying over him
He lays his life,hopes,and dreams to always
love her no matter what dangers lurk in shadows

Her Darkest Knight within her loving arms
cast not my being for I am far from where
the earth is one with man.. I am horrid from
guilt from the blood I shed to stay here amongst
you to live..

My tortured state my longing need with my
love for thee to hold not only heart but soul
as well... Your purity my angel and need be
careful for the hunter is due to pick up my trail.

With that I disappear but your kiss will forever
be here a lingering taste on my lips forever so
I may return it to you someday....
*drops but a crimson rose*

To stand in her garden with this rose
So preserved she stares
At that moon she longs to hold
Wondering where her darkness has gone

Wishing to once just hold him for one night
Praying he hears her song
To come for just one night of comfort and love

Wishing to only see him and taste the wine he gives
To be with in his strong arms once more...
But it's only a dream she dreams once more

Staring at the beautiful moon
Something she's come to cherish
Hoping soon and someday
To kiss his fears away....

Within the deepest part of his soul
her song lingers keeping his heart
from dying... as crimson tears begin
to flow from his eyes remembering
her touch of not so long ago..

A scent of her perfume the same
she wears every night he hears her
song... As mournful screams tear
through his heart of wanting to be close
he knows that in her heart he will remain..

A mist forms over a small pond in her
garden just beyond the weeping willow
where they shared loves first kiss..

Now lays his grave of stone and lime
so that if he was to venture there to
rest.. Amongst the roses planted near
by only a few left this year..

Crimson red her favorite with a scent
that matches no other then her own.
Again he sits and stares out remembering
when the time was perfect as the moon traces
his memories of forgotten time...

Back with in her home the crimson rose sits in the vase
So carefully picked for the delicate gift
Up the stairs to her room

She dresses for bed looking out to the lack on last time
Upone the silken sheets she lays
Closing her eyes for the memory she holds so dear

Next to her this strong man was
Holding her gently caressing her with his delicate tong
The splendors he's shown her, the nights of sweet caresses

Only for a moment did time stand still
Together they lay, holding memorized by each other eyes
Only then did they realize their bodies mourning

To touch the delicacy they held back
Above her she feels beneath her fingers
The muscles tensed as his sent lingers upon her

Moving gently, small gasps escape her...
With him at her side their love stands
the turn of time.

Lushness of velvet between bodies within
his arms she sleeps knowing in the morning
again he must return to his crypt but for now
they lay together as one as her scent lingers on..

Their love lasts forever between
their hearts and bodies that stand
throughout time.... the end

By: John a.k.a. CrzyAnml6666 & ~Lady Jenoca~

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