The joy of the lord is spoken of quite often, but do you realy know of what you say.

How endless like the waves.  Going on forever, like the stars on high. 

When you feel his joy, you are only feeling a small, small part, of what his joy can be. 

Open your heart, open your mind to all that he can be.  - 2001




A revelation is a wonderful thing. 

A new idea, a new song to sing, a new way of thinking.

His revelations are better then these, they bring you peace of mind, they heal all wounds in time.  - 2001



Every time you think that you have reached, all of what worship can be.

There are places down the line, that you have yet to see.  -2002




Church should be a place to worship, a place of joy and peace.

A stronghold, a faith movement, not a place to just stand and sing.

Thats what it should be.

What have we done to worship, my love so dear and strong.

You stand, and you sway, but do you really know the way.

In god we worship, in god we praise.

God will always lead you to a bright and better day, a bright and better way.  -2003



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a collection of poems that I have written over the years, they all revolve around church, praise, and worship.

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