Star Swept

In this bed I lay,

lazily sinking into the

thick comforters,

bathed in the moonlight.


Laying there gazing,

gazing at the stars through

my window.


Holding fast to their


the twinkling twilight

of dreams swept in



Here I lay,

drifting lazily,

gliding off of the

comet's tail.


'Til sleep claims me,

and I am star swept again.

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Reading this again, almost

Reading this again, almost five years after my first reading of it, the beauty is still just as fresh and just as powerful.


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This hits me hard (in a

This hits me hard (in a pleasant way) at such a visceral level that I cannot even find the right words to put here.  It has shaken me up so much that I have had several typos in this comment (all, I think, are now corrected).  This is too beautiful a poem for my poor words.


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