I Have A Dream

Kennie Kayoz

I have a dream, powerful words spoken by Martin Luther King
As he stood in front of a great audience professing his ideal future
One of my dreams is for poetry to be as popular as it once was

Read by the masses, looked upon as words rooted in greatness
But poetry has taken a back seat to those on the mic who spit rap
The Rhythm And Poetry is what makes my poetry obsolete

Just like someone pushed the key known as delete
Not to remove it completely but to fade to the furthest background
Our words aren't as powerful as they once were.

The pen is mightier than the sword from what I was told
But the loud speaker is what ends up getting sold

I would like to see the table get turned once again
Poetry gain the light that it once did
Not pushed back into the darkness

Allowing for the world to nourish our words that grew from the roots
To thrive and grow strong and be read in front of kings and queens
Now we write on the web in hopes of people stumbling upon our words

In hopes of them meaning something to someone else
Many poets these days don't last long, one or two books before they collect dust
On the shelf they sit, not being sold, as they're looked upon as old.


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