Feel Lost

I feel lost, I know what I use to enjoy.
What I use to do through the days to keep my mind active.
As of late I feel like I can't get into any of that.
Like I just want to put distance between me and that.

But for some reason I still go through those motions.
Hoping the enjoyment will come back to me.
Each day I want to just give up on those things.
Walk away from it and say "that's no longer me"

I struggle with things that I use to enjoy.
Use to spend lots of time playing sports video games.
I just struggle with it now.
Not sure if I want to do it anymore.

The passion just isn't there, almost like that part of me is dead.
Perhaps what's best is for me to walk away from that part of me.
Figure out what's going on, figure out what I enjoy.
I spent so much money on things I thought I enjoyed.

Now I'm second guessing it, making me wonder.
Did I just do it on a whim.
Or was teh passion of that interest really there


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