How You See Me

Kennie Kayoz

It's amazing how you see me.
After all these years and all I've done and still do for you.
Remember back in the day Mom had a problem with you
So I bent over backwards so she wouldn't kick you out.

A few years later she had another problem so once again
I stuck my neck out so she wouldn't kick you out.
But yet you look at me as a monster.
I don't understand.

We get shitty weather, I go outside before you get home.
I shovel to make sure you can get into the driveway.
Last time I checked I thought that was being a nice guy.
Once again I'm the monster.

I wanted to talk to you about something.
Then your attitude flared up.
I forgot I'm the monster with no heart.
Your life should be so much better since you have everything figured out.

Every little thing that happens you question everyone.
You give everyone attitude about everything.
I'm not sure how anyone else sees it.
But I bet to your friends, you don't act that way.

Shit, I never realized maybe it's your too damn privileged.
You must be that child who watches tv, movies and listens to music.
Having to take lines from that song and repeat them over and over.
Until you believe that it's you.


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