She Believes

Kennie Kayoz

She believes that she should be worshiped.
No doubt also believes that she can walk on water.
Too bad that shit is frozen and I can see cracks forming

Each step she takes the cracks get bigger and I know she's going to fall.
She hopes that her attitude will save her as her friends will come running.
But I know her truth won't set her free, as she better be prepared to drown.

In her lies, as I look into her eyes.
She thinks she's better than everyone else just cause she has tits and pussy.
Too bad that shit basically has a revolving door that she can turn on or off.

Or the puppet master can, I wonder if she's ever made a decision in her own life.
Maybe she just left it up to the puppet master.
Whomever pulls that string.

I wonder who made her feel like that.
But yet she acts all down and depressed, which is just a front.
So she doesn't show the world how she feels.

She complained that she got passed up for a promotion that she deserved.
When she was only in that position for a year or two.
Talk about entitled, that made her depressed.

Who had to save her that time.
Yup, it was me if that's who you guessed.
I won't be there next time.

I seen those inner workings
It's like her own personal cult.
Say no to cults kids, say no to cults.


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