You Wish You Knew What Love Was

Kennie Kayoz

You wish you knew what love was.
After everything finished you talked about "how you don't need love"
All your looking for is to be used time and time again.
That's all you want to be is constantly used.

Used by one guy after another, because you don't know how to love.
You know how to use people and how to make people think you care.
But when it comes down to actual love, you only wish you knew.
It's really quite sad that you want to be passed around like a paper plate.

Once that person is done with you, then passed to the next.
Then back to the first, it's like they will just line you up.
But I guess you've realized that nobody truly does want you.
So you have to give yourself to your friends.

Since clearly no one wants them either.
I thought you were better than that.
Clearly I was wrong about that thought.

Wish I could have helped you.
I tried, now it's time to watch the train, wreck.
You think you know everything and want to give attitude.
I'll be sure to have the first seat to watch your life.

Watch it get flushed away.


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