Fucking Liar

Kennie Kayoz

I can't believe how much you fucking lied to me over the years.
Relationship started out good then a few years later you told me
"No more sex, I'm not into it"
My mind began to question if I did something wrong.

After continuing the relationship for countless years
You began to fucking roll your eyes everytime I hugged or kissed you
Once again I thought I was doing something fucking wrong.
Walking around like a fucking little princess better than everyone.

I was too fucking blind to see that shit but yet there you were.
Starting to treat people like shit so I would bend over backwards for your fat ass.
Can't fucking believe it but I did it anyway cause I thought I knew what love was.

I had a gut feeling that you were up to no good, so I played on my gut instinct.
Done it before with other things too and wasn't wrong.
What does my gut show me.
You lied to me this whole time and your nothing but a whore.

Just wanting to use me so you got a place to stay.
Wanting to get away from your parents cause you didn't get along with them.
When you knew you had it in with my family shit stopped and this attitude began.
Can't fucking believe that someone would treat another person like this.

Second time I trusted my gut instinct it revealed to me more than words could have.
Your trying to get your friends to gang bang you because all of a sudden you had an "awakening"
Are you fucking kidding me right now ?
All these years I thought it was me, clearly you have the stop and go on that drive.

I learn more in one night than I did learn in thirteen fucking years.
I bet you even cheated on me too, cause that's the type of person your turning out to be.
After I came across what I did, I began to shake in fucking anger.
How could you do this to me.

But it's clear your a user, your the worst kind of fucking female out there.
Using your body to get shit in life, playing on peoples feelings.
I trusted you, I fucking loved you, I gave you a ring.
Clearly you had no feelings towards me, but you were just playing a role.

Never knew I was dating a washed up actress you stupid bitch.
But yet everything is an act to you.
You have to "perform" when the spot light is on
Did your manager say it was OK.

I can fucking bet which one of your friends he is.
Now I know why you kept me away from your friends.
All these fucking years.


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