That's What You Wanted

Kennie Kayoz

Let me throw away every single memory.
If this is what you wanted from minute one, you should have said.
Clearly your happier acting this way then having to live inside of your head.

Tell me your doing things to help out a friend.
By the looks of things your looking at getting tag teamed.
But clearly that's what you wanted all this time.

Telling me you weren't into anything sexual after a few years.
It's funny how quick that comes out of you now.
I see what came into this house, you just want to ruin your life.

Maybe it was me being to loving and caring, always trying to be there for you.
I should have let you do what you wanted from the start.
Seeing how you seem that much happier now than you were before.

If that's who you want to be, now your free to be.
I knew someone else was involved in making your choices.
Every decision you made had to be passed through someone else.

I feel sorry for you.
I know I have trouble making decisions, like to discuss things.
Maybe even write things out to let my mind glance things over.

Hearing the lies that come out of your mouth now.
It's just shocking, or have you finally admitted the truth.


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