Reaching My Hand Out

Kennie Kayoz

It's a difficult thing to do.
Reaching my hand out, to help a fellow human being.
How does one react if rejected ?
Just walk away like nothing happened ?

What if that human does something after you reach out your hand.
Do you not feel responsible, or do you feel not worthy.
Could you have helped that person.
Or did reaching out made it worse ?

How could reaching out make it worse, your just trying to help.
Some are so set in there ways and closed minded that they're set with one outcome.
What if you can change the course of someones life.
For the better.

To show them that they're on the wrong path.
To show them that they have someone here for them.
That's what one is suppose to do, is it not ?
Compassion is in all of us.

No matter what another has done, we all try to help each other.
You can't force your help onto another.
That might just push things into the wrong direction.

What if your right and they're reaching left because they refuse your hand.
All one can do is try and hope that the person will reach back.
To save another.
To help another.
To show another that they have help if they need it.


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