See Through You

Kennie Kayoz

It took me a few years but then I started to see.
You became spotted like swiss cheese.
The holes I seen were like glass.
I began to see through you.

Didn't want to believe it at first, kept questioning things in my mind.
Kept telling myself that it wasn't true, I have to be missing something.
But as the time floated on those holes got bigger.
Still I began to question is it really what I'm seeing.

Turns out, it was. I seen how you were.
Around me you were one way, your parents a bit different.
Around your friends was a different side of you.
A side I didn't see as those holes got so big I could practically climb through.

It was no longer my imagination that I was questioning it was no longer my doubts.
I took you to meet two friends, that's when I really seen it.
Those holes covered your body like there was nothing left of the one I thought I knew.
It took a long time to get to that point, I questioned things I trusted my own judgment.

I had to go while I still wanted to live.
Being drowned in your darkness.
Just couldn't stand anymore
Said good bye to that.

Now my eyes are really opened
I seen what I was missing all this time.
No longer having to trust my judgment
No longer having to worry.

I'm now moving on


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