False Prophets

Kennie Kayoz

False prophets do exist, I've seen them.
Trying to detour you off the path that you have set for yourself.
A real friend will support your dreams
Trying to lure you away with false promises.

Temptation might be the key to lure one away.
If one is tempted it's not your fault.
But sooner than later the falsehood will become clear.
Things will change, it's up to you to gain the strength to overcome.

To move away from the false prophet and find one who you can love and trust.
Who will support what you do more than anyone else.
One who will brighten the path that your on.
Making you feel like a better person, more than ever.

Giving you strength when others try to put you down.
It's important to push away from those false prophets.
Life is difficult enough without the weight of hate.
Anger and frustration pushing down on you.


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When I think of false prophits I think, false profits. Which show up as digits on screens and people have false power because of it. 

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